The new Fall-Winter 2020-2021

From the rich colours of infinite landscapes, to an animal print or plumage pattern, the Lancaster Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 collection is inspired by the beauty of nature in all its forms supplemented by the talents of men and women.

Inspired by the natural pigments that come from all around us and that continue to amaze us, Lancaster is unveiling a winter collection of leather goods in stunning colours (and materials!). It features timeless colours, such as Ash Pink, Peacock Green, Purple or Stone Blue, which are visually appealing and make every bag truly characterful. Each nuance seems to recall familiar memories from throughout our life to inspire intimate and very special emotions in us, like a return to the essentials.

Does a romantic or more exotic look inspire you more with feelings of escapism?

  1. Crossbody bag
  2. Baguette bag
  3. Crossbody bag

The understated look of the Milano and Parisienne Matelassé lines

If you want to shine this season, there is nothing like a slight hint of gold or quilted details, which really enhance and bring out the best of this smooth or grained material. Their bohemian and chic side brings a touch of timeless elegance to every style, accentuated by deep, soft colours. Their curves are reminiscent of the curves we see in the human body, so that your contours and look are married perfectly.

BAGUETTE BAG     MILANO      189,00 €


SHOULDER BAG     MILANO     189,00 €


  1. Shoulder bag
  2. Crossbody bag
  3. Zip crossbody bag

"Mock croc fever"

Just as enigmatic as the animal itself, crocodile bags are in this season. This irregular texture, which hypnotises and fascinates us, takes on a multitude of forms and materials, for a feel that is both identical and distinctive. For our Autumn-Winter 2020/2021 collection, Lancaster pushes the envelope with this print to reveal pieces with finishes as rich as the material itself... Soft leather and stiff leather with matt, iridescent and shiny effects all combine to make the Exotic Croco lines gradually reveal the secrets of this very special animal-inspired pattern...

CLUTCH     EXOTIC CROCO      89,00 €

CLUTCH     EXOTIC CROCO LEE      159,00 €

CLUTCH     EXOTIC CROCO LEE      159,00 €


CROSSBODY BAG     MILANO    149,00 €

DOUBLE CLUTCH     IKON   189,00 €

  1. Mini handle bag
  2. Large shoulder bag
  3. Small bucket bag